Special Notes
    Dragons are one of our foremost fantasies of our imagination, and the creature that I, Agnathian, believe still exists. There are many places on the Earth that have the resources needed to habitat these marvelous beings. The world of dragons is not only on Earth, I think there world to be called the Dreamscapes. I will go into more detail about the Dreamscapes later on, as to Earth being named one of them. Dragons are in no way, despite others beliefs, evil. I consider them to be the most heavenly creature in this known world. What I plan to do, is give you a description of many of my well known dragons, and where they live.

Aquatint Ship
    First I would like to tell you a little bit about me. My name is Lord Agnathian of the 2nd Dreamscape, a dragon of purity an harmony. The 2nd Dreamscape is in no way near the planet Earth, but that does not mean I can't come here to share my knowledge of dragons from the Dreamscapes. Besides, I have a few friends up here in this planet, my friends, the wolf pack of ThounderPaw, and Thelvaenir, a dragon I met in ThounderPaw.

 Getting Started
  Alright, now it is time to get started. Click on the dragon you would like to know more about.
The Grymonic Dragon
The Blue Weslet Dragon
The Green Weslet Dragon
The Dimar