Description: This is the Grymonic Dragon, these dragons look more like lizards then dragons. Actually, this dragon is the closest related of its' kind to a lizard. Then have no wings, walk on four, and have lizard-type scales. What sets this dragon apart from lizards is its' dorsal spikes, horns, and 4 spikes coming from the end of its' tail. There are also a set of 4 spikes that come from each of its' elbows and knees. These dragons, like all, are nice, and would not hurt a soul that does not intend to hurt him first.

Location: Grymonic Dragons usually live in the Great Australian Desert. Located in the red section of the map below is the Great Australian Desert.

Population: You can expect a population of around 40 to 50 thousand of these dragons, they are an endangered species. Please help support the "Save a Grymonic Dragon" foundation. *smile*

Adaptation: Grymonic Dragons are adapted to the vast climates of these deserts, they have the ability to story water in the pink and purple pouches you see on each of their sides. These dragon sleep every 2 months for about 5 days buried under the sand.

Size: These are one of the smallest dragons yet, probably since they are so closely related to the lizard. They are an average length from head to tail of 20 feet.

Food: These dragons enjoy the sweet taste of cactus berries, and eat every 5 to 10 hours.

Language: They have their own language, called "Grymoniconez", speaking threw noises made by the red pouch under their snouts.