Description: This is the Blue Weslet Dragon, a species with no wings. They can be identifies by the fur on their dorsal, which is very hard, and can often be mistaken for spikes. Their fur are usually white with a different color at their peaks, such as red. They have a set of 12 spikes on each of their elbows, and a set of 7 coming from each side of their snouts. Added, are 2 horns that extend outward from the backside of their eyebrows. They come in 2 colors, their are the Blue Weslet Dragons, and the Green Weslet Dragons. Although they are the same species, they live in different parts of the world, and have many different attributes compared with each other. The Blue Weslet dragon is far less aggressive than the Green Weslet Dragon. This dragon is one that would allow you to come all the way up to it and pet its' feet without fear of being attacked.

Location: Blue Weslet Dragons live somewhere between the Tropic of Cancer, to the northern part of the red area, and the Tropic of Capricorn, to the southern part of the red area. Most of their species live near the middle of the red area, known as the Equator. A lot live in the oasis's of the rain forests.

Population: You can expect a population of around 20 to 30 million of these dragons, they are a very populated species.

Adaptation: These Dragons are adapted to warm climates, despite the cool colors of their scales. They probably will not be able to survive anywhere out of their area.

Size: The Blue Weslet Dragon is very large, around 150 feet from head to tail, and walk on four. If you were to stand straight up at its' side, you will only be able to touch their feet, unless you climbed upon them. *smile*

Food: These Dragons usually eat large snakes and animals. They drink mainly water from ponds, and swamps.

Language: What is so amazing about these dragons, is that they are like parrots, they mimic the language of humans, mostly english, and now have mastered the language. So don't be amazed if you see one of these, and they ask you your name, or strike up a conversation. *smile*