Description: This dragon is called the Dimar, which means dragon in another tongue. These dragons are very powerful and can kill at the strike of its' claws. It is a good thing these dragons are nice. They like to take humans on a flight on their backs, which makes them one of the funniest dragons to hang with. They have a set of Methnets on each side of their face, these are the dragon's ears, they were given their own name by their unusual shape. They look like tubes that extend from the side and seal up at the end, and are usually the same color as the skin of these dragons, which can be anything. Their eyes are usually analogous to their skin, meaning that the color is almost the same. The have plates rather than spikes or fur that come from their neck to their tail. The Dimar also has a dangerous tail, as you can see on the end, it has something called Shachlees, they are poisonous and help kill their prey.

Location: This Dimars are mostly found in Brazil, which is located in the red region of the map.

Population: There are about 30 million Dimars in Brazil, if you ever go their, try to look one up. Who knows, you might even get to fly with one. *smile*

Adaptation: A Dimar is adapted to real wet climates. It likes to live around rivers and and in the Amazons. They also like to venture out into cities and towns.

Size: These dragons are about 50 feet from head to tail, the are rather small. This makes it easier for you to ride them, you will have something to hold on to, like their neck. *smile*

Food: The Dimar usually eats flies, plants, and tree leaves.

Language: These dragons are as well accustomed to the English language, but speak in more of a medieval tongue, it would be nice to have a regular conversion with a dragon, don't you think?