Note: Each hero/villian represents the good or bad characteristics of human behavior. These characters don't exist in real life. Hero

Hero of the Month (Dec)

Ratbo's Picture

When word reached the citizens of southern Florida that developers were going to fill the Everglades to make room for constructing new houses, many people rejoiced!! No one knew that some crafty - shady buisnessmen would take advantage of this opportunity to dump their toxic waste into the many landfills.

Near one of these sites a tiny hungry rat lied nearby eating a piece of bread......... After eating the radioactive piece of bread, this rat was bio-genetically muted into the law-enforcing environmentalist --RATBO!!!!

Ratbo lives in a futuristic reed hut in the Everglades. He uses his plunger gun to clean up polluted water. His jet pack allows him to travel at great speeds all over the world. Ratbo's main enemy is Clogger.