Note: Each hero/villian represents the good or bad characteristics of human behavior. These characters don't exist in real life. Hero

Hero of the Month (Jan)

La Super Mosca's Picture

La Super Mosca was born in Spain a country located on the continent of Europe. He has a brother named Tsetse. When the two were young little flies they loved each other, but as they got older each chose a different path in life. La Mosca stayed in Spain, and his brother Tsetse moved to Africa.

As La Mosca grew older he learned that all living things should live in harmony with our ecological cycle. His goal in life became then as it still is now, to teach the humans to respect all forms of life, because we need each other.

La Mosca has to do battle with his evil brother from time to time, so he developed a super fly swatter to swat bad things away. His shield is made of fly paper, so that he can catch as many tsetse flies as possible.

Right now La Mosca is trying to destroy and find a cure for the disease in Africa known as the sleeping sickness. His main enemy is his brother Tsetse, because it was Tsetse that developed the sleeping sickness in Africa.