After many years of struggle in Roodom, I, Wamfu, have earned the sole entitlement of Supreme Geography Instructor. The planet of Tejas is in complete turmoil, and is surrounded by villains who are both heartless, and cruel. You must do as I command to save the planet and your grade.
Wamfu will have many adventures for you to accomplish. If you are a male and complete all of my quests, you will win the hand of my daughter Emily-Moo in marriage, and a portion of my kingdom. Any female who successfully completes each quest will win the heart of my most trusted and faithful son, Travi de Onely. The land you will be given is located in the land of Tejas between the mighty lakes of Bel-a-than and Steel-house.
To start on your first quest, you must enter room 2106 in the Hall of Students. There you will be told a very tall tale of how the universe began.