Lesson 3

As I look down unto the planet Earth, I get a strange feeling that I've been here before. Is this Deja vu or some blissful wishing? We must investigate to see if Noah I has landed on this watery planet.
A couple of days ago I sent Davio the Magnificent down to the cloud filled planet. When he returned, he told me of the many wonders he had seen while he was on Earth. Davio also told me a sad story of how the humans have become greedy with their land and have formed political boundaries called states and countries.
I am going to send you in groups of four to land at specific coordinates. You will be landing on either a state or country. After you have established a camp, you must begin to investigate the land. Please find information about the following:

1. Draw a political outline map of the state or country.
2. On your outline, place an X on your estimated landing zone.
3. Draw as many of the physical features of the land that you can find on your outline map.
4. Describe the climate.
5. List several types of plants and animals.
6. If you encounter any humans, and I hope that you don't, camouflage yourself as a tourist and beg them for as much information as you can. Ask them what they do for recreational activities,what kind of schools they attend, and the different types of ethnic groups that you see. After you get some infromation, make a list of what you have discovered.

Be diligent and gather this information with great care. We must find our long
lost cousins, and one mistake by you can keep them away from us forever. Here are the coordinates:

1. 25N, 135E 2. 65N, 155W 3. 24N, 33E
4. 10N, 55W 5. 42N, 13E 6. 36N, 138E
7. 65N, 26E 8. 1N, 37E 9. 25N, 80E
10. 35N, 105E 11. 18N, 67W 12. 24N, 103W
13. 32N, 100W 14. 38N, 121W 15. 31N, 82E
16. 10N, 7E 17. 13N, 123E 18. 8N, 82W

When you return home, you will be asked to give a report on your findings. The main purpose of this mission is to find the colony of our ancestors from Tejas. Remember that the country or state that you will be looking for looks a lot like the planet of Tejas.