Lesson 5
Home Sweet Home

* Materials:

1. You will need at least one copy of a Texas Highway Map. A classroom set would be ideal. But, I know ideal situations are hard to come by.

* Ideas:

1. Do a report on one of the cities in the story.
2. Write a report of Fiesta Texas.

I wish I may, I wish I might, I think you found a wonderful sight. One of our scout teams has reported that they found a state than looks just like Tejas. This state was located at the following coordinates: 32 degrees N and 100 degrees W.

The tired scouts brought many things back with them; Frito Lay corn chips, picante sauce, a bowl of chili, a Guadaloupe Bass, some bluebonnets, and a postcard of the Alamo. One of the knights bought a Texas Highway Map from a house that was called Exxon. The Exxon's were nice enough to map out the entire state. I was very surprised to see that the name of this state was called Texas!

I'm going to check this place out. If you want to follow along with me you will need a Texas Highway Map. Just to make sure that you are traveling along with me, I'm going to ask you to answer a few questions. I will list the stretch of highway we are going to travel on to make it a little bit easier for you. Are you ready? Well, here we go:

I. I landed on the grid coordinates J-5. I'm in the largest city in this sector.

1. Where am I ? ________________.

II.Once I got my bearings straight , I heard some people talking about a place called Fiesta Texas. I had to go and check this place out. Boy, was this place amusing. There were roller coaster rides, water slides, and refreshments everywhere. I went to a vendor and ordered a hot dog. I was a little worried about the dog, but when the meal arrived I was relieved to see that it wasn't quite what I had imagined.

After I had chowed down on the dog, I asked a couple of people if they had ever heard of a place called Roodom. They informed me that they had not. I asked them for information on the mighty lakes of Steelhouse and Belathan. Once again the people said no, and they began to stare at me as if I was a little bit weird. The stranger hastily informed me that the fastest way to leave town was to get on Interstate 10 and head west.

To be as inconspicuous as possible, I transformed my spacecraft into a metallic green 64 Chevrolet Impala SO, trimmed in 24 karat gold, with hydraulic shocks, chained steering wheel, and a killer stereo system. My day became complete when I turned on the radio and the very first song I heard was "Low rider", performed by the musical group War.

2. In what city will you find Fiesta Texas?

III. Interstate 10 San Antonio to Junction

Can you find the answers to these questions? Now remember, I have given you the road that Im traveling on and the places Im traveling between.

3.I found a comfortable town in which to sleep. Name this town:____________.

IV. Federal Highway 377 Junction to Rock springs

4. While I was filling my car with gas, i decided to send a _________graph back home to the Knights of Tejas to inform them that everything was going great.

V.Federal Highway 377 Rock Springs to Del Rio

5. How many miles is it from Rock Springs to Del Rio? Let me tell you, this is the most boring stretch of road that I've ever been on.

VI.Federal Highway 90 Del Rio to Van Horn

6. I stopped in this town because they had corn on everything. They had corn-ka-bobs, corn cocktails, corn burgers, corn salad, and corns on their feet. Name this city: _____.

7. Judge Roy Bean once dispensed hard justice in this town: ____________.

8. I was getting very lazy and fat and needed to get some exercise. I stopped at this town and jogged around for 26.3 miles. I felt like I had ran in a _______________.

9. As I approached this town, i thought of my sweetheart and decided to send her some roses and candy: _______________.

VII.Interstate 10/20 Van Horn to Pesos

10. Name the largest city in Reeves county: ________________.

VIII.Interstate 20 Pesos to Peyote

11. How many miles is it from Pesos to Peyote? ____________.

IX. State Highway 115 Peyote to Andrew

12.I looked for the little green frog from Sesame Street in this city: __________.

13.Name the largest city in Andrew county. ______________.

X.State Highway 176 Andrew to Big Spring

14.In this town I saw a man swinging from vine to vine. When I stopped to talk to him I noticed that he had a pet chimpanzee. They invited me to their house for dinner. I was amazed to see that they lived in a tree. Name this town: ___________.

XI.Interstate 20 Big Spring to Abilene

15. While traveling on this stretch of road I stopped in a town that had water that tasted like sugar. Name this town: ___________.

XII.State Highway 36 Abilene to Temple

People from all over the world come to this small town every day, because they believe that there is magic in the air. At dusk the people in this town gather in the streets to watch the stars come alive. I thought that this was a little odd, but who am I to pass judgment. A guest in the motel I was staying informed me that he had heard me singing in the shower earlier in the day. This older fellow then said that with a little hard work, and some magic I could become a star one day.

16. Name this town: __________

16. Native Americans in this town believe in the Great Spirit. Name this town: ______.

17. I wasn't watching the road and ran over a porcupine which sprung a leak in one of my tires. Can you give me the name of the town where this happened? _________.

XIII. Interstate 35 Temple to Belton

While in Temple I decided to stop and go shopping at the Temple Mall. I asked a couple of people if they had ever heard of Roodom. To my amazement they told me about the kingdom of the Roos in Killeen, Texas. I asked them for directions to Killeen, and they informed me to go to Belton and get on Federal Highway 190 and go west.

18. How far is it from Temple to Belton?

XIV. Federal Highway 190 Belton to Killeen

I was so excited about the prospects of finding my fellow Tejasians that I had to stop and gather my thoughts. I drove into the parking lot on a convenient store in a little town that made me think of a famous baseball player. This player pitched for the New York Mets, California Angels, Houston Asters, and ended his career with the Texas Rangers. The Express was his nickname.

19. What is the name of this town?

I went up to the cashier to see what kind of information I could gather about Roodom. I asked the young lady if she had heard of the mighty lake of Steel House. She said yes. I couldn't believe it ! I asked her to spell out the name and she wrote Stillhouse. My mind began to rush in circles. Stillhouse when said out loud sounds like Steel House. Pressing my luck, I decided to ask her about lake Belathan. She informed me that there was another lake north of Stillhouse called Belton. My heart almost stopped beating. My thoughts drifted back to a time when several of my friends in Tejas tried so hard to convince the planet council to change the name of lake Belathan to Belton. The leader of this small band of friends was Davio the Magnificent. It just so happened that Davio was the leader of the group that escaped Tejas on Noah I.

I got back into my car and headed towards Killeen. As I entered the city limits, I immediately could tell that I was at home.

20. How many miles is it from Belton to Killeen? _________.

21. Name the county that the city of Killeen is in: _________.