Mongadrage's pic!

Monga's Picture

Mongadrage is an unknown being from the depths of the Atlantic ocean, from which he lived most of his life. He occasionally rises from the drifting sea to visit the land and see new sights. Everyone he meets seems to be drawn away from him, because he looks so much like a dragon. His rival, Cinge , is a pyre being that holds a staff and has a conquest to set fire to the entire world and help the humans to self destsruct . Mongadrage, being from the water, has a perfect advantage over Cinge, which is a pulsating orb of water of which he uses for self protection... He and Cinge still duel each other often, and our hero, Mongadrage, will not end till the path Cinge's destruction halts!

Map Activities

Can you find the following bodies of water on a map?
1. Atlantic Ocean, Pacific Ocean, Artic Ocean, Indian Ocean

2. Mediterranean Sea, Caribbean Sea, Red Sea, Black Sea, North Sea

3. Caspian Sea, The Great Lakes, Florida Everglades, Lake Victoria