Objective for Wamfu


1. Have fun with geography.

2. Observe many of the world's biomes.

3. Educate children about real and relevant environmental and social issues.

4. Write descriptive, narrative, and expository paragraphs.

5. Solve ecological crises.

6. Recognize patterns in nature.

7. Examine the uses, abuses, and preservation of natural resources and the physical environment.

8. Explain the economic importance of water, energy sources, and other natural resources in regions.

9. Understand beliefs of various individuals, groups, and cultures.

10. Be aware that some things are valued more in some groups and cultures than in others.

11. Use problem - solving skills.

12. Apply decision - making skills

13. Analyze the relationship between earth and sun and the effects of the relationship on physical processes.

14. Describe the interrelationships of people and their environments.