Name: Diana Beauchamp

Age: 19 years old

Likes: Museums, shopping, dancing, and art

Clues: Diana's continent is well-know for its

many ancient traditions and refined culture. It is

the second largest continent on Earth, Australia

being the smallest. A major mountain range of the

continent is the Swiss Alps. There are many

ancient cities in this continent, some of which are:

Berlin, Paris, London, and Rome.

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The Seven Continents

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We trust that Diana is now home safely. Now eliminate

that continent from your list and keep going!


Name: Kim Lee

Age: 20 years old

Likes: Panda bears, kung pow chicken,

karate lessons.

Clues: Kim lives on the largest of all the continents

on the planet Earth. It is famous for long and carefully

kept traditions as well as the strength and dignity of their

rulers. One of the most well-known of tourist attractions

is the Great Wall of China. Some of the major countries

included in this continent are:

China, Japan, and Korea.

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The Seven Continents

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Now that our dear friend Kim is happy and safe with

her family, on to the next stop on our world tour!


Name: Rosie Gonzales

Age: 15 years old

Likes: Mariachi bands and flamenco

dancing, chalupas, and a nice walk

through the rainforest.

Clues: Unlike many of the other continents

on our tour, this one has not only one, but two

words in the name. It has huge areas of land

dedicated to rainforest and is proud to have

the world's largest river system, the Amazon.

Many ancient civilizations such as the Inca

Indians once lived there and still have and influence

on culture.

Help: Still don't know? Go here for more info on this

exotic location.


The Seven Continents

Now, tell us where Rosie comes from.


Congratulations! We have every confidence

in you and we believe that three of our good

friends are back where they belong. Are you

ready for the next?


Name: John Smith

Age: 18 years old

Likes: Hamburgers, apple pie,

rock n' roll, and football.

Clues: John lives on the same continent

that we do! And, like Rosie's home,

the name has two words in it. Some of the most

famous cities on this continent are:

Mexico City, Ontario, and Washington D.C.

There are many mountain ranges on this

continent, most notably the Rocky Mountains

and the Appalachian Mountains. Finally, this place

only has 3 large countries on it. Where should we take John?

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The Seven Continents

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Name: Charlotte Nieve

Age: 25 years old

Likes: Playing ball games

with penguins and seals, frosty

ice treats, and fur coats.

Clues: Charlotte is one of the very few

people who have ever even been on her

continent! It is so cold and the ground is so

frozen, that nothing can grow and it is hard

for anyone but Charlotte and her seal friends to

live there.

Help: We're pretty sure you'll be able to find

Charlotte's home with the help of your map, but

if you need anything else, go here:


Map collection

Penguin Central

Reunite Charlotte with her seals!


Wow! There's only two more places to go!

Let's hurry.


Name: Zack Foster

Age: 20 years old

Likes: Playing with his boomerang,

swamp fishing, and

photographing animals


Zack lives on the smallest continent on

the planet Earth. It is also known as the

Land Down Under. It has many exotic animals

such as kangaroos, platapuses, and dingoes.

It is the only continent in the world that only

has one country. The capital is Canberra. Also,

Sydney is one of the most famous cities here

and it is well known for its Opera House.

While Zack's continent is a mostly a desert,

there are also exotic beaches and beautiful

coral reefs.

Help: If you havn't found the right place for

Zack yet, you might want a little help from these

reliable sources.


The Seven Continents

Can you put Zack back Down Under where he belongs?


Awesome! Here comes the last stop on our tour.


Name: Mercedes Kinetto

Age: 16 years old

Likes: Swimming in the Congo

River, seeing the Great Pyramids of

Egypt, and basket weaving.

Clues: Mercedes' continent has many

outstanding land features such as the Belgian

Congo rainforest and the Congo River. There

have been many struggles for this continent for

independence and for the right to uphold their

civilizations and culture. Several animals of this

place are only found here. Some of these are:

Elephants, zebras, giraffes, cheetas, and others.

Help: Go to these exotic places for help on fulfilling

last mission.

Traveil Regions

The Seven Continents

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