Quest 1

Wamfu ha heard an incredible rumor. The story goes that many years ago, there was a wondrous island paradise. Some have called this land, Atlantis. There was a wise sage who wrote of the land. He said it truly did exist, but it was swallowed by the seas. Wamfu knows many things and has seen wonder beyond your wildest imagination. Still, this land of Atlantis remains a mystery.
Wamfu charges you with this quest. Find all the possible locations of the mythical city, Atlantis, and draw one map to show all the possible sites. Research and provide me with all the information about the inhabitants,climate, culture, and the means by which these people supported themselves, and what became of these people.
Do this well and you will receive many riches. Wamfu!!

I. Places to Know:
Sargasso Sea
West Indies
Bermuda Island
Canary Island
Atlantic Ocean

II. People to know: