Tejas Facts

Tejas Facts

1. Tejas is an imaginary planet that shares an orbit with Pluto.

2.This planet would be a frozen block of ice, if it wasn't for the wild imagination of Wamfu and his world geography students.

3. The people of Tejas are facing the imminent danger of total destruction from Asteroids, comets, global warming, and volcanic eruptions.

4. The Balcone and Cap Rock Escarpments are on the edge of plates that threaten to pull the planet apart.

5. Tejas has gradually pulled away from the sun. It is being pulled towards a larger star named Alpha Centauri, which has disrupted the natural processes of the planet.

6. "Texas" comes from a Hasianai Indian word "Tejas," which means friends or allies.

7. Listed below are some of the planet symbols of Tejas:

a. Bird: mockingbird
b. Dish: Chili
c. Flag: Lone Star Flag
d. Grass: sideoat grama
e. Motto: friendship
f. Nickname: The Lone Star Planet
g. Song: " Tejas, Our Tejas"
h. Flower: bluebonnet
i. Tree: Pecan

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