Note: Each hero/villian represents the good or bad characteristics of human behavior. These characters don't exist in real life. Villian Dec

Villian of the Month (Dec)

Clogger's Picture

A long time ago an astroid hit the moon. Little did anyone know that this astroid was actually an egg named Clogger.

When the first astronauts landed on the moon they picked up lots of moon rock. They mistook the egg as a rock and brough it back to Earth.

On Earth the egg was placed under warm lights. This warmth helped the egg hatch. Since the humans thought that the egg was a rock, no one missed it the next day when it was gone.

Clogger wandered around the Earth for awhile until he met an odd person named Greed. Greed took Clogger home and raised him.

As Clogger got older it was obvious that he was different than all the other kids. He had a dead shaped like a crescent moon. When he went outside people would make fun of his appearence. This angered Clogger.

Clogger wanted to leave the Earth so bad that Greed arranged to fly him to the moon. Before he left the Earth Clogger promised the earthlings that he would get even with them one day.

While living on the moon Clogger noticed that he had some strange powers. When he stared at the Earth he could make the ocean's waters rise and fall. Humans call these phenomenon waves and tides. Clogger uses these powers to destroy ships, and coastal land.

Greed gave Clogger money and supplies to develop weapons to destroy the Earth. Clogger made a hydrocannon to create floods. When he wants to, Clogger can put toxic poisons in the cannon to spray into the Earth's water supply.

Clogger knows how important water is to humans, so he wants to pollute all the water he can. His main enemy is Ratbo.