Note: Each hero/villian represents the good or bad characteristics of human behavior. These characters don't exist in real life. Villains

Villain of the Month (Feb)

Cinge's Picture

Cinges home: The Sun, and Death Valley California

Cinge: A long time ago Cinge was born in Egypt, and was the son of Ra.When Cinge reached the age of 16 his father sent him to a military school on the sun.

He was very upset with his father because he hated attending military school. To get even with his father Cinge began to hang out with a very shady crowd. This crowd of evil friends taught him how to use fire to destroy nature. Cinge believed that his father loved all the living things on Earth more than his own son so he began to devise a plan to take control of the Earth.

Cinge decided to use fire as his method of destruction. He wants every human to be careless when using matches and other flamable materials. One of his friends, Flim Flam has decided to join him in the conquest of world domination. Flim Flam can control much of the winds that twirl around the Earth, and Cinge just breaths into the wind to make them dry. This causes drought, famine, and forest fires all over the world.

The sad thing about this story is that Cinge uses human error to do most of his evil deeds.He knows that humans are sometimes very careless when they use combustable materials. As long as humans are carless with fire, he will use them to gain world domination. He wants to rule the Universe!!!!!

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