Note: Each hero/villian represents the good or bad characteristics of human behavior. These characters don't exist in real life. Villains

Villain of the Month (Oct)

String Bean's Picture

1.String Bean: Enjoy's making money! He doesn't care about people or the environment. If there is a penny to be made, he will do whatever he can to get it. As a result of his greed our world's Tropical Rain Forests are being destroyed. If oil has been discovered, he will drill for it regardless of hazards that he may cause to the environment. Some people say that he uses very cheap materials to build his oil rigs, and pipe lines. As a result, many of the world's oil fields have developed leaks, which pour into the earth's soil and water systems. Greed makes most of his money by finding and selling fossil fuels. He won't spend any money on scientific research to study what the gases from fossil fuels are doing to our atmosphere. As a result of his behavior many people are concerned about global warming.

Try these activities:

  • Can you answer these frequently asked questions about the Greenhouse Effect?

  • If you need help with this assignment you can look at the following link and find all the information that you need:The Greenhouse Effect Frequently Asked Questions

  • Because of the increased human population around the world, and human greed our rain forests are in trouble. Lets do a short study about our rain forests to find our why they are in trouble and what we can do to save them.
  • Here is a Link that will help you answer some of the questions listed above about the rain forests:Going...going...gone

    Map activity

  • Try to find the following rain forests on a map: