Where Do We All Belong?


There are seven continents on our planet Earth; North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia. Each continent is different from the next. The people, places, and animals are all unique and special. In this WebQuest, you are going to learn all of the continents along with their features and landforms. In this lesson, we will take you all over the world on a magical journey. Are you ready?


There are seven people joining us on our tour of the planet. Unfortunately, they are lost! Our job is to find their homes and return them to where they belong. To do this, you have at your disposal Internet web sites that we have provided.


During the course of the lesson, you will be introduced to one person at a time. They will give you clues that will help you to find their home. The websites for that particular continent will be listed just below the clues. You can refer to these sites and/or books at any time to help you return your new friends to their homes and families. When you have completed your task and everyone is back where they belong, you will be given a rating on your performance. Good luck!


You will be graded on the completion of your task. It is possible to earn a total of 100 points. You automatically recieve 2 points for accepting your task and setting out on the journey with us! Getting everyone back to their origins is worth 98 total points. For each of the people that you correctly send home, you will recieve 14 points. After you return to the safety of your classroom and everyone is home, you will want to visit the evaluation page and total up your points to see how you did. Keep a piece of paper handy and keep track of your points as you go. It might also help to keep an atlas handy to keep up and help you find some of the places on the earth.