Evaluation Page

Many congratulations are in order!

You have finished your assignment and returned safely! No matter what the outcome, you have every right to be very proud. Let's see how you did.

Diana Beauchamp: Diana's home is on the culturally diverse continent of Europe. If you guessed correctly, give yourself 14 points! If not, award no points and keep going.

Kim Lee: If you placed Kim on the lovely continent of Asia, you are absolutely right! Give yourself 14 points if you were right.

Rosie Gonzales: Rosie belongs in South America, the land of wealth and promise! If you took her home, give yourself 14 points.

John Smith: John shares his home with us on North America. The 14 points are yours if you got it right.

Charlotte Nieve: Charlotte lives on the frozen continent of Antartctica. If she is back there, award yourself 14 points.

Zack Foster: Zack's home is in Australia! If he is once again playing with his boomerang at home, give yourself 14 points.

Mercedes Kinetto: Mercedes lives in the exotic land of Africa. If she is back with her family in Kenya, give yourself the final 14 points needed to finish the task!



When you have tallied up your score, match it up with the ranks below and see if you are a novice geographer or an expert!

0-42 points: Novice

You tried your hardest, but your mission was not entirely successful. Go back to some of the Internet sites listed and find your mistakes. Try again later and see if you improve your rank.

43-55 points: Geographer's Apprentice

You are on your way to being an expert. Work hard and you will be among the best!

56-70 points: Geographer

You are so close! Keep working at it and you will be a pro in no time.

71-98 points: Expert

Awesome! You are now an professional geographer. You have done the task and done it well. Congratulations on a job well done!

For additional work with your new friends, color the outline figures with your own creative style.